Giving Tuesday : Build The Big Barn

We’re putting our Giving Tuesday fundraising efforts to our friends at Alive Rescue to assist in building THE BIG BARN!


At the end of 2016, ALIVE Rescue was gifted a 4,800 square foot barn in Salem, Wisconsin. This donation will allow them to more than double the amount of animals they save. This amazing donation included an old dairy barn that they intend to convert into an animal shelter – the soon-to-be “Big Barn.” They received final approval from the village on December 11, 2017 to move forward with the project and are now working with contractors to finalize bids.  They anticipate demo work to begin at the beginning of 2019. 

The Big Barn will have two birthing suites for pregnant and nursing moms, a “retirement room” for any sanctuary dogs they take in and 18 additional dog suites. Aside from saving more animals in general, The Big Barn will specifically help them save more “hard-to-place” dogs, for example, dogs that require medical attention, dogs that need one-on-one training, are heartworm positive or hospice dogs. There will be several fenced in areas behind the barn designated as play lots and a large indoor play area as well. They will also have trails throughout the property that will allow for long dog walks (the barn sits on 70 acres).  While initially they will have only dogs at The Big Barn, they hope to eventually add other animals.  


big barn drawings

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