Our First Shelter Shiver

On January 28th, we gathered a few of our animal-loving friends and jumped into Lake Michigan.

Shelter Shiver

It was the 9th annual Shelter Shiver – and the biggest one yet! We were a few of 158 jumpers that spent the last few weeks (months for some jumpers) raising money for Alive Rescue and the homeless animals of Chicago by doing something a little different.

Alive’s first annual fundraiser of the year asks people to commit to a Shiver Swim* Chicken Dip** in return for donations made.

Despite our team name, the Cankle Dipz had a mix of Chicken Dippers and Full Plungers dressed as their inner animals. Our team raised a total of $6,247 over 4 weeks.


In total, over $92,000 was raised. Below is a breakdown of how donations help!

  • $25 = two weeks of healthy dog/Cat food
  • $75 = covers treatment for kennel cough, parasites or other common shelter illnesses
  • $150 = offsets costs of routine spay/neuter surgery, micro-chipping and vaccinations
  • $300 = defrays treatment costs of extensive medical issues, such as heart-worm, pneumonia or surgery
  • $500 = assists with dental surgery for a neglected puppy mill dog
  • $750 = sponsors a litter of puppies
  • $1,000 = covers surgery and rehab for an injured dog or cat
  • $1,250 = provides coverage for a sick cat or dog that needs to be hospitalized
  • $6,000 = pays for half a community pet day

Yes, it was freezing. Yes, it was hilarious. And yes, we’ll do it again next year.

*Full plunge
** Ankle dip stroll

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